How are natives born in Bharani Nakshatra?

Bharani is nakshatra of death and re-birth, occult/hidden side of life and instabilities. This nakshatra is also connected with sexuality and attraction. The word Bharani means “The Bearing” or “The Bearer”. So, it is directly connected with receiving, holding, possessing or carrying anything.

As it is ruled by Venus, the significance of wealth, finance and creativity naturally comes to this nakshatra. This Nakshatra too entirely comes inside Aries Zodiac sign Ruler is Mars. That is why mars and venus combined energy is felt here by planets which inhabit or transit in this Constellation. The Union of the feminine venus and masculine mars reflects the creative potential. Bharani Nakshatra and it makes you bighearted. Also, you don’t mind harsh words said by anyone. You have got big and attractive eyes that express a lot about you. It appears as if your eyes are talking with the observer. With your spellbinding smile and killer attitude, you can make anyone go crazy for you. You love your family too much and don’t want to stay without them even for a single day. When it comes on marriage, you may get married in between the age of 23 to 27. Bharni indicating Pitta dosh. Besides dashas and planetary maturity ages, another way of activating a planet is activation age of nakshatra it is sitting in. Bharani Nakshatra activates itself at the ages of 7th, 8th, 24th, 28th, 33rd and 51st year of age. You have a gift for making other people happy. You know how to comfort those who are troubled and you know how to make them pleased with themselves. May be, you nurse a grievance, but this is something that others are never allowed to sense. You keep it strictly to yourself. You like to do many things at one time, and probably will have two professions. monotonous work will prove an utter failure.

This nakshatra will be connected with reproduction and child birth. All professions related with child birth and child care can be seen from this nakshatra. Presence of Yama and Kali also bring the Occult significance into this nakshatra and these people can be very much interested in occult side of life. If you spot someone with expressive eyes and a smile to die for, chances are, they are the natives of Bharani Nakshatra. A restless irritable and impatient person who is ready to jump into anything and everything without caution or consideration. Also interested in various research and re-incarnation type of activities. No matter how much you are panicked inside, you look quite serene at the surface. As you are quite friendly, you don’t think much about the long-term. You live your life to the fullest and enjoy taking risks. Right direction and loving support helps you in reaching your goal soon. You avoid taking short-cuts and prefer the simple straight way. There is nothing that you do against your conscience and try to put everything clear in front of others.

Likewise, all professions related with research activities are aligned with this nakshatra. Natives of this Nakshatra believe in the actions more than the words. Natives are quite outspoken, Those born under this star have the potential to rule due to their fire-burning energy. It shows personal transformation through struggles and obstacles. Social activist , philosopher, reformers are born in this star. they have a tendency of jealousy towards others. Usually their spouse will manage your finances very well. Even if there is a risk of losing a healthy relationship, you prefer to be clear on your part. You are honest and take a good care of your self-respect. That is why you prefer doing all your tasks yourself. You enjoy wearing good clothes and living a royal lifestyle. Also, you share your interests in arts, singing, games, and sports. This constellation is also considered quite positive for females because it enhances the feminine qualities which signifies the effect of Venus (ruler of beauty and lover of art). You are quite optimistic and respectful to your elders. You don’t wait for the opportunities, rather you start looking for them. Your familial life will be good. You will not only be loved by your life partner, but also rule them due to your nature. You have the bump of acquisition strongly developed. It follows that you like to collect things, it may be old china, postage stamps, old coins — anything.

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