How are people born in Dhanishta Nakshatra?

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Please Note: This is general prediction and results may vary based on aspects | conjunction | strength of planet, rashi placed etc.

Dhanishta धनिष्ठा Nakshatra is the 23rd Nakshatra out of 27. The word Dhanishta can be split into Dhan and Eshtha. Dhana means wealth, and that means appropriate. The literal meaning of the word Dhanishtha is appropriate wealth or the most beneficient. The ruling deity is Vasus (eight deities — i.e. Apa, Dhruv, Dhar, Anil, Som, Anal, Pratyush & Prabhas). The Vasus are responsible for blessing natives with wealth and resources. It means the one whose all wishes are fulfilled.

Dhanishta Nakshatra energy is a combination of the ruling planet, Mars, the ruling deities Vasus and the symbol drum or damru or flute. Therefore, people with Dhanishta strong in their chart will express the qualities of this nakshatra powerfully. When Dhanishta is strong in your chart this means your Sun, Moon, Ascendant, or Atmakaraka is in Dhanishta Nakshatra.

Dhanishta people can become extremely wealthy. This is especially true if this nakshatra is involved in a Raja Yoga, Lakshmi Yoga, dhana yoga, or Saraswati yoga.

You are multi-talented and expert in everything that you do. In any situation, you adjust yourself efficiently. You may have music talent. You don’t hurt anyone with mind, action, and words. Your mind is

quite sharp and you always stay ready to learn something. Your enticing smile makes you quite attractive. You have a religious nature and always try to behave nicely with your abilities, character, and efforts. Being good intalking, you can get the love and support of people easily. You have charitable nature. You very well know how to honor and respect others. Everyone gets happiness and contentment around you. You are jolly, social, and friendly. Hence, you don’t like to stay alone. It feels good to you when you spend time with people. You are pious and enthusiastic. That is why you don’t like to leave your responsibilities. It is your nature to fight all the problems and hurdles. You may have have long height, is beautiful, and have a thin body. Sometimes he might be bulky also.

You have interest in dance and music, and you can be a good singer as well as dancer. When it comes on arguments, you are the best, which makes you good for politics and law. As you can keep things secret, you are perfect for intelligence department or as the personal secretary of a higher official. You try to protect yourselves from all types of struggles. You are ambitious and loves music. No matter what your education is, but you are known for your wisdom. It is in your habit to do something or the other all the time. Due to your dedication and activeness, you will be successful in achieving your aim. You can be financially very well off or they can be working in financial field of work. You achieve big success in life because of your capability to take quick and easy decisions. You are quite ambitious as well and whatever you decide, you just keep working on it until it gets completed. Also, you stay quite ahead in being possessive. You like to keep people under your effect. Hence, whatever you do, you do it with alertness. You have a high self-esteem, which makes respect and honor most important for you. You face lots of problems because of your family members. You can also be seen as very confident and ambitious people. Your mental power is strong and you are capable of taking any decision swiftly. You don’t feel any problem in this. With your decision making abilities, you can earn good success. You give more importance to job rather than business. However, be it business or job, you will be in higher position. From the business point of view, property work is more beneficial for you. You are short tempered. You may be interested in Sports and any physical activity.

You will have special affection with siblings and married life will be happy. Life partner will prove to be lucky. You will get ample money as a successor, but you won’t get much favor from your in-laws. Your spouse will be merciful and beneficent. However, he/she might have the tendency of spending more than income. Nevertheless, marriage will bring financial betterment to you. You are very tidy by nature, you love order and are methodical. It is even possible that these qualities are too highly developed in you, and it may be that while attending to minute details, you lose some of the larger opportunities of life. You are a hesitant person. You are calculative and realistic. Because of the presence of Mars in this nakshatra, you might face marriage related problems. Your life is full of tension.

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