How are Pisces — meena lagna or ascendant born natives

4 min readJul 1, 2022

The ascendant is our body which acts as a tool for performing our role destined in this life. Your life path is to bring stability in life as their life goes through major changes and instability. Your life focus will be on education, wisdom or knowledge related work.

You are not practical but are sensitive and instinctual. You are very spiritual. You are versatile and tend to understand things by understanding rather than logic. Rigid in observance of prevailing attitude and can forgo anything but your orthodoxy. You are confident, loyal, home-loving, kind and generous. You can be easily misled. Your dreamy and impractical natures are a source of distress to your near and dear ones.

Being a mixture of an optimist and a pessimist, you find difficult to make up your minds on any issue.

Your best wealth will be through self-efforts and business. You can be a sweet talker. You can land into ego conflicts and disputes with people and that can hurt your ego.

You are shy and an abiding love and trust for all those who come into contact with you. You are eternally romantic in the classic sense and have well-deserved reputation for hesitant over your own feet. You very imaginative person and can imagine things which are never real or never took place. You are extremely superstitious and religious You possess a gentle, patient nature but the one which needs moulding.

You don’t like anyone disturbing your dream. You adapt surroundings whether good or bad; are generous, friendly and good natured with a true sense of kindness and compassion and yet sensitive to everything around along with the feelings of others. You can live in their own imaginative/dream world till eternity. Sometimes you are confused. You are dual minded (due to gemini sign in 4th house which has most dual nature among all dual sign and also brain house means 1st house has pisces sign which is dual sign). Due to this quality, you aren’t able to understand own ambitions. You may easily falls in love because your mentality give inclinations towards romance.

Your wealth will not grow if you work under others. You like to keep your wealth separate. You may not like to share it with others. They can be a dominating personality in family. This may cause for friction in relationships. You may have communicative environment at home and also some home/family business to deal with. It can be travelling or communication related business. Your entrepreneurship can involve foreign lands or foreign people. Your spiritual development will take place after a considerable delay in life. Till then you may have wrong idea about spirituality. You would be emotionally attached with own happiness and need to learn to share with others too. You earn and spend at same speed. It may be tough for you to save money. Best idea is not to keep money in your own hands. You love traditional values. You are aggressive in speech but your style is soft and communicating way is practical. You lack self-confidence.

You can be emotionally attached with your happiness, which mostly revolves around children and creativity. You get a partner or spouse who is very realistic and practical. That’s where the problems arise as your imagination and dream-world gets disturbed. But that’s what you need to learn in life that you can’t be living in dream world all their lives and someday you have to face the real world. Your relationship aspect of life goes through major changes and instability in life. Making it stable is one of their duties in life. Your business can also see ups/downs but that is more so nature of every business. Even your belief system will go through major changes in life. This happens due to your long distance travel or stay in faraway places which brings in this instability, transformation and changes in life. You can gain authority through entrepreneurship but that will come after much delay, hard work and perseverance.

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