How are Scorpio Ascendant Natives?

Please Note: This is general prediction and results may vary based on aspects | conjunction | strength of planet, rashi placed etc.

The ascendant is our body which acts as a tool for performing our role destined in this life. Your life path is connecting with higher consciousness, a person can turn any shortcomings or disadvantages (one’s own as well as the ones of the outside world) into advantages and merits.Love and Changes become your life path. Natives that are Scorpio ascendants, have Mars as their ruling planet. The inherent features of Mars have a lasting impact on the core characteristics of the native. Scorpio is the 8th sign, so it represents the things of 8th house. It is a Water Sign along with fixed sign. So, water + fixed is a conflicting situation. Also, it is feminine sign but ruled by masculine Mars. Hence, again conflicting energies. You will hold some secrets within you. You have attractive and magnetic personality. You live a life of insecurity and life lesson for you would be to realise nothing is permanent and everything and everyone will be lost of certain time or so, so learn to let go off things.

You are well known for their characteristics of self-criticism, intense concentration and a passionate steer, which grades in complete success or utter failure. You also have a strong self-destructive streak along with unreasoning temper that can be triggered at a slightest provocation. You are creative and dreamy about your love matters; means you may imagine a love story out of nothing and then see it to heartbreaks (one sided imagination). You are often very suspicious and jealous for your loved ones. Your emotional vitality makes you astonishing in any career you pursue, whether for better or for worse depending upon the circumstances. You are intense and have powerful natures. You are stubborn, proud and calm. You like to connect with your love partner at spiritual level or through spiritual topics. You go through lots of changes in life. Changes may be in personality, name or looks or profession, etc. You never settle and for you life is meant to be lived to the fullest or not at all. Rarely found in the axis of the activity but always know just what is going on out of concern. Wealth can come through higher education and through interaction with other people or different cultured people. Your compassion makes you the best and the most loyal friend but the same quality sometimes makes you the most treacherous of enemies. You excel at everything and anything, when you put together your entire energy, self-confidence, ambition and generosity. Success in life will happen with delay, perseverance and hardwork. You are demanding of others but will never ask someone to do what you won’t be able to do yourself. Your intelligence level can be very high. There is high probability that you will earn wealth from two source or more due to duality of sign. You should work individually for matters of your daily work. Best wealth is coming through business, spouse can be very beautiful. You seek security in life when you are doing business or are in a relationship. You like to collect information and analyse things. You may also make money through knowledge and education. You have limited success or happiness in your homeland.

Your best authority and recognition will come from own business or communication. You can be introvert but precise with your communication. You hate gossips and wasting time doing it. Your father may be authoritative figure and you also don’t like to work under anyone else. People should never mess with you as you are revengeful. You are workaholic and even at home may be working all the time. You are emotionally attached with teachers and students. You are a fighter and will fight until your last breath. You wont surrender easily. When you give your word you will keep it even if its your own loss or sufferings. No one can guess what is running in their brain.You have volatile quality or emotional violent nature. Scorpion ascendant 1st house has fix sign so they are steady from brain but their mentality house 5th house has dual sign so they show dual mentality.You may be able to deceive a Scorpio for a short time, but Scorpio people are adept at seeing into the heart of any matter. When a Scorpio senses your dishonesty, you may as well be dead to them. Once you lose a Scorpio’s trust, it could be gone forever. Scorpio is like a walking, human lie detector. Owing to their investigative nature, it can be very difficult keeping a secret from a Scorpio. Their intuition tells them that something is amiss and this activates their investigative skills, prompting them to scour their surroundings for evidence to support their feelings.

You are blessed with attractive eyes and people get attracted due to your eyes. You are quite sturdy and often have wide strong shoulders. You are well-built and tall height. The face is square with clear-cut features, penetrating and magnetic eyes, and well-defined sensual lips. The hair is often brown and thick. The general appearance conveys an impression of charm, power, secrecy, and seriousness at the same time. You are very realistic of value of money in life. You can have relationships in foreign lands or with foreign people or with people from different community/culture then yours.

You are prone to ailments of the liver and kidneys, stones and gravel in the bladder or genitals, piles and ulcers. You are suffering from Kapha and Pitta dosha.

Moon, Jupiter and Sun are most benefic planets. Mercury and Venus are malefic for Scorpio Ascendant.

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