What does it mean by 2nd lord in 8th house?

Please Note: This is general prediction and results may vary based on aspects | conjunction | strength of planet, rashi placed etc.

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Eighth is One of Dussthan of Your Horoscope. It is also one member of Trik house, it is also 2nd Moksha sthan of Your Horoscope. 8th house is house of secrecy, occult knowledge, longevity, transformation, death and re-birth, In laws family, joint wealth with spouse, serving other people needs etc.

Second house represents Family, Wealth, Speech, Family Lineage, Values, Mouth, Face, Throat, food you like to eat, Assets etc. Second House Is First Artha trikona of Your horoscope.

Now when Second house lord is in 8th house it means, Native’s wealth and resources will come through Occult, Inheritance, by serving other people etc. This position gives lots of inclination towards being an Occult Practitioner but it also gives careers of entrepreneurs, tax & audit people and any work done underground means mining, digging etc. But overall, in most of the cases, this is an intense position where person’s life goes through one or the other transformation.

It also means 2nd house lord in 8th house is 7th from own house. As the 2nd house ruler in the eighth house is 7 steps away from its own sign, it means that you are inclined towards materialism and pleasures. It may cause for sudden loss or sudden profit of wealth. It represent loss of physical existence so 2nd house lord in 8th house is not considered good. But 2nd house lord in 8th house aspect own house, so it may be give impact on its own house.

So before predicting regarding wealth we have to judge the condition of 2nd house lord in 8th house. If 2nd house lord in 8th house is well placed than it may be good regarding wealth but if 2nd lord in 8th house is not well placed then it is not good regarding wealth. 8th house belongs to gambling so 2nd house lord in 8th house is indicating, native may be gambler. You may be very well capable in future planning regarding wealth.

This combination blesses with abundant wealth, especially in the form of landed property. You may be capable to take risk of own wealth. If 2nd house lord is in good condition then you may get wealth in gambling but if not good then loss your wealth in gambling. 8th house belongs to death and 2nd house lord is markesh, so it may be capable to bring death. And timing of death belongs to dasha.

8th house is related to sudden events so it may possible, you may get sudden death. 2nd house lord in 8th house is not considered good regarding marriage life. It may cause for death of life partner. You may be naturally successful in his profession. You may be in debits and doesn’t capable to free from debits. You may lose his life partner. You may bring dis fame for his family. You may be suffering from mental stress.

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