What does it mean to have 10th lord in 10th house?

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Please Note: This is general prediction and results may vary based on aspects | conjunction | strength of planet, rashi placed etc.

The 10th House in Kundli is the Karma Bhava or Kirti Bhava, the house of social status and is related to the profession you are involved in. Studying this house can reveal your career path. This house naturally corresponds to Capricorn energy whose workaholic tendencies and ambitious goals are commonly known. 10th house represents things like Government, Father, Authority, Fame, Work Environment etc.

So when we have 10th lord in 10th house it means, this is most stronger position for the 10th lord in own house. The 10th house is of constant growth and expansion which is called upachaya house, results may come after delay or later part of life.

कर्मेशे राज्यभावस्थे सर्वकर्मपटुः सुखी ।
विक्रमी सत्यवक्ता च गुरुभक्तिरतो नरः।।

Career is mainly protected in this case giving lots of fame, contention and reputation. You are able to keep good relationship with authority. You are skillful in all of your works. You are long lived. This position is very favorable regarding financial gains that are obtained righteously with virtuous acts and pious intentions.

Your relationship with father may be very good. You may be truthful and hardworking in nature. You have to do lots of karma in life. You may be blessed with atleast one son. You have the mentality that to take on the venture and learn all the new necessary skills during the process of working on the new project, career, or any task.

Your image in society is same as your fathers image. You would have good image in society. You may be in good post in professional life. You definitely achieves great heights in public sphere, career, business.

You may be devoted to your Guru or mentor. You may be doing good and charitable acts for society. You may get good wealth and be materialistic. You always aim high in life and have big goals for self.

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