What does it mean to have 4th house lord in 10th house?

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4th house lord in 10th house

Please Note: This is general prediction and results may vary based on aspects | conjunction | strength of planet, rashi placed etc.

We have been reading and you know by now that 4th house represents your home, home environment, homeland, mother, nourishment, childhood friends, peace of mind, conveniences, intuition etc.

The 10th House in Kundli is the Karma Bhava or Kirti Bhava, the house of social status and is related to the profession you are involved in. Studying this house can reveal your career path. This house naturally corresponds to Capricorn energy whose workaholic tendencies and ambitious goals are commonly known. 10th house represents things like Government, Father, Authority, Fame, Work Environment etc.

So when we have 4th house lord in 10th house it means for you home and work environment are same, meaning you may be workaholic or work from home or office is like home for you. You bring happiness for everyone. You may not be impressed by others easily.

Mother may be more like a father figure or takes up a role of father. You are a happy person. You are inclined to serve your parents. You may have happiness of employees and servants who help you in your professional life. Mother may have good social status.

You are all about your work and seek your recognition from society through it or you become popular among people due to your work. You are inclined towards your mother more or close to her more. You get success and growth in professional life. You have control on all your 5 senses.

You may be wealthy and have all sorts of happiness. You will get benefits of wealth like you are a king of a kingdom. You may be good in any type of profession, unless any malefic influences are there. You may achieve great heights in professional life.

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