What does it mean to have Sun or Surya in Uttarphalguni Nakshatra?

Please Note: This is general prediction and results may vary based on aspects | conjunction | strength of planet etc.

Sun is king of all planets, indicates Nobility, Individuality, Generosity, Dignity, Proudness, AUTHORITY, leadership, Creativity ,Egotism, Selfishness, despotism, Self centeredness. Sun is a royal planet of command, position, and truth. It makes a person generally successful and fortunate in life. Surya (Sūrya, Sun सूर्य ) is a symbol of spirit. It is considered as soul of Kaalapursha. Surya is considered as king (a ruler) of all other planets. There’s a theory that Sunday is kept as a holiday almost everywhere so that people are able to worship Surya on Sundays.

When Surya is beneficial it gives boldness, commanding ability, fame, position, dignity, vitality, energy, happiness, royal appearance, optimism, power, success, good health, warmth, affection, good temperament, respect to elders, honor from government, wealth.

Uttara Phalguni is represented by the back legs of a bed or cot, which signify relaxation and rejuvenation, but is less comfort-oriented than Purva Phalguni. Uttara Phalguni also incorporates the preparation for returning to work after a resting period. This Nakshatra is said to be the star of patronage. The root word is ‘Arya,’ which means one who is noble & honourable. And further it is the one who conducts itself in the right conduct. Arya is the one who follows the laws of the land or religion. Natives are quite concerned with helping others and adhere to proper social etiquette. Ruled by the planetary force of Sun, Uttara Phalguni nakshatra happens to spread from the zodiac of Virgo and Leo.

So when Sun or Surya in Uttarphalguni Nakshatra it means, Things won’t be easy for you in matters of career. You may be or be seen as laid back for love. You may be a Realistic and practical person. You are a Perfectionist by nature.

From career perspectives Financial sector is good for you like share market or banks for financial institutions or Law or relationship lawyers or counsellors. You have inborn talent and so would be Good at managing or analysing things or dealing with agreements.

As a negative trait of this placement Ego clashes in relationships are forseen and you need to let go of things for relationships to survive. You can lead happy team at work which will have good relationships with your team mates. You may be a very Super generous person, charitable deeds mainly to children will benefit you.

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VedicFuture — “Your Soul’s Doctor”. Vedic Astrologer Services in Scientific way. For Paid Services contact — vedicfuture.in@gmail.com