What does it mean to have Venus or Shukra in First House?

2 min readMar 19, 2023

Please Note: This is general prediction and results may vary based on aspects | conjunction | strength of planet, rashi placed etc.

Venus is beauty, desire and love, main significator of marriage, girlfriend or wife for a man. Venus is the significator of all relations, may it be husband-wife or mother-daughter. From other perspective it is also the cause of all the sufferings in our life, because Venus represents our desires and we get pain and suffering in our life only when our desires are not fulfilled.

The First house | Ascendant | Lagna is your self, physique, personality, overall health, life path and head in human body etc.

So when you have Venus or Shukra in First House it means, You are all about beauty and luxury in life. You may be medium in height. You like to look groomed and beautiful. Just like movie stars show to public. You may be charming beautiful and attractive. You may also loves arts, music, acting, song. You are very righteous and respects equity, harmony, and balance in the world.

You may have beautiful face and beautiful eyes. You may also be fitness freak or like to keep toned body. You always desire people to appreciate your looks and beauty. Hobbies and creativity can become your life path and you may follow same. You can become a group leader or player. You may be successful through joint ventures or partnerships.

Convenience and relations are important part of life. You cant live without relations. You desire a balanced relation. You may look younger. You may have attractive personality. So opposite gender may get attracted towards you. You may be emotional as well as practical same time. You may be romantic in nature.

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