What does planet in Khala avastha means?

2 min readFeb 21, 2022

“Avastha” is the Sanskrit word which means dignity or condition.

The mood of the planet changes over different points in the Rashi (zodiac) while transiting. Moving Planets in debilated sign or deep debilitation point or in malefic Vargas are said to be Khala or Rikta Avastha or dignity. When two or more planets are in the same house or sign at a difference of 1 degree, they are in a state of war. The planet with a higher number of degrees is defeated. It is said a planet which is defeated in planetary battle is in Khala dignity. Khala Avastha is one of the types of Deepthadi avasthas which are related to attitude of the planets. Khala also means — Mischievous, scheming.

It indicate losses from various sources, quarrels with parents and relations, imprisonment, hating God and sacred literature. The person loses money and is usually aggressive. The person is interested in other people’s money. Such a person is hurt by his own people. The person may be selfish and may want to earn money through illegal activities.

Khala Avastha

The knowledge of the avasthas/dignity is very important in determining the strength of the planet to deliver the result. The results of the corresponding avasthas are more prominent in the periods of Dasa and Bhukti of the said planet. It helps in predictions.

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