What is Karma?

2 min readMay 17, 2022

Karma is essentially any deed/event done by an individual, knowingly/unknowingly or intentionally/unintentionally. Karma is a term that many people are familiar with but relatively few people understand. It can also be termed as the necessary consequence that one has to bear for their past deeds or present actions. The terms ‘fate’, ‘destiny’ and ‘reincarnation’ are nothing but manifestations of karma; an individual’s past life karma in some way decides the course of his/her destiny in the present life.

It is a balancesheet of our life or Law of Justice. ‘It will come home to them,’ this popular saying is enough to summarize the essence of ‘Law of Karma.’ Whatever action we take mirror back upon us and affect us either in the present life or the subsequent ones. The past life karma and current actions produce some unavoidable side-effects that rebound upon the doer in the future. Simply put, this principle is similar to the principle of credit and debit where good deeds of a soul are credited and the bad deeds are debited by way of some compensation in the present life or the next one.

Vedic Astrology helps us to understand our karma through the system of birth chart, dashas (planetary time period) and conditions of planets and luminaries. The Law Of Karma is based on the principle that the good deed results into good events and good influence in your life while the bad deed results into bad ones. In fact, the whole astrological chart is karmic in that it clearly shows the areas of a person’s life that is influenced favorably or not so favorably by karmic factors.

There are 3 types of karma that work through our lives and can be identified through the Vedic astrology system. There is fixed (strong) karma, not-so-fixed medium-strong karma and the karma you are making right now through your thoughts and actions, which is directly under your present control.

  • Fixed karma: The fact that you came into this incarnation into a particular family group and have the physical and emotional characteristics that you have.
  • Medium Strong Karma are those which are low evident and impactful.
  • Present Karma: Action or deeds in this life.

From the Vedic astrology point of view, there is karma involved in relationships and the people we bring into our lives. Sometimes this might be to complete “unfinished business” from a previous incarnation and when this is done the relationship breaks up, other times it is to experience relationships in order to learn more about ourselves through them.

The more you are aware of it is more you are armed to handle the situation for good.

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