What is Ruchak Yoga?

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Please Note: This is general prediction and results may vary based on aspects | conjunction | strength of planet, rashi placed etc.

Ruchak Panch Mahapurush Yoga is created by Mars. It is one of the panch mahapurusha yoga. Panch means five and Purush mean person — producing five kinds of great men. This yoga is formed when Mars is either in its exalted zodiac sign Capricorn, Mool Trikona sign Aries or its own sign Scorpio in the Kendra or Angular house of the kundli. This yoga is formed only when the planet is in the Kendra or Angular house from the Lagna. But according to Phaladeepika, if the same position is created in the Kendra from the Moon, then the Mahapurush Yoga is formed. But if Sun or Moon are situated with Mars, then the great Mahapurush Yoga gets cancelled. Therefore, one fails to attain the fruitful results as well.

Ruchak Yoga

मूलत्रिकोणनिजतुङ्गगृहोपयाता भौमज्ञजीवसितभानुसुता बलिष्ठा: ।

केन्द्रस्थिता यदि तदा रुचभद्रहंसमालव्यचारुशशयोगकरा भवन्ति ।।

mūlatrikoṇanijatuṅgagṛhopayātā bhaumajñajīvasitabhānusutā baliṣṭhā: ।

kendrasthitā yadi tadā rucabhadrahaṃsamālavyacāruśaśayogakarā bhavanti ।।

The Panch Mahapurush yoga is created by the five planets other than luminary planets namely, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Venus. The above verse of Jataka Parijat states that if Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn are in their exalted sign, Mool Trikona sign or own sign and placed in the Kendra or Angular house from the Lagna, then the Mahapurush Yoga is formed. Mars is responsible for Ruchak, Mercury for Bhadra, Jupiter for Hansa, Venus for Malavya and Saturn for Shash Yoga. The best Yog is formed in Exaltation, then Mooltrikona and after that own sign.

Such a person encounters no harm in his/her life, flies high and becomes popular. Any native having Ruchak Panch Mahapurush Yoga in his/her kundli lives a special and extraordinary life. He/She doesn’t feel scared to face the upcoming challenges in his/her life but faces them bravely. Such a person leaves all of his/her struggles behind and moves forward in life. All of this is attained by the grace of the planet Mars because Mars has been entitled as the Senapati or Commander of the Navagrahas and known to be a source of energy in life. A person born in Ruchak Panch Mahapurush Yoga is blessed with a strong physical build and blessed by Maa Lakshmi. This means he/she faces no such shortage of money and takes good care of his/her body. We have to seen above Yog from both lagna or Moon. If both lagna and Moon horoscopes has above Panch Mahapurush Yog then it will gives awesome prosperity, power and Position. Yog making planet must have Good SHADBAL.

जातः श्रीरुचके बलान्वितवपुः श्रीकीर्तिशीलान्वितः

शास्त्री मंत्रजापाभिचारकुशलो राजाऽथवा तत्समः।

लावण्यारुणकान्तिकोमलतनुस्त्यागी जितारिर्घनी

सप्त्यब्दमितायुषा सह सुखी सेनातुरङ्गाधिपः।।

jātaḥ śrīrucake balānvitavapuḥ śrīkīrtiśīlānvitaḥ

śāstrī maṃtrajāpābhicārakuśalo rājā’thavā tatsamaḥ।

lāvaṇyāruṇakāntikomalatanustyāgī jitārirghanī

saptyabdamitāyuṣā saha sukhī senāturaṅgādhipaḥ।।

Such a native possesses an energetic and powerful personality, good nature and commendable character. He will have in his hands and feet marks of Conch or Sword. His body will be beautiful, will eat delicious food and will be virtuous. He will possess all good qualities of planet Mars and he will be helpful for his friends and a nightmare for his foes. Most of them have a thin waist and an oval-shaped face. He may be arrogant or full with ego. She/He attains immense fame and popularity, gets blessed with wealth and materialistic pleasures and immensely skilled in chanting or reciting mantras. Their opponents encounter no chance to stand in front of them. Such a person seems to be patriotic. He may be leader of army and always getting victory. A native with Ruchaka yoga has visible calibre and possesses all the material comforts of life.

Results of this yoga will be seen during mahadasha / Antardasha of Mars.

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