What is Ubhayachara Yoga?

Please Note: This is general prediction and results may vary based on aspects | conjunction | strength of planet, rashi placed etc.

Yogas are auspicious combinations of conjunctions, placements of planets formed by planets placement in different houses and signs. Ubhayachara yoga is based on relevance of planets placed in reference to Sun, so it is also a suryadi yoga.

Sun is king of all planets, indicates Nobility, Individuality, Generosity, Dignity, Proudness, AUTHORITY, leadership, Creativity ,Egotism, Selfishness, despotism, Self centeredness.

Ubhayachara Yoga is caused if planets other than Moon from second and twelfth from Sun. The placement of Moon, Rahu and/or Ketu only, in the house prior or next to the house of placement of Sun is not considered for the formation of this Yoga. This is one of the auspicious or benefic yogas in horoscope. When both vesi and voshi yoga is present it means ubhayachara yoga is also present in horoscope.

This yoga bestows upon comforts of king or its equal. The person has strong Physique, all material comforts, balanced outlook, wealthy, capable of handling responsibilities. You have good leadership qualities. If Sun is functionally benefic in one such horoscope, this yoga may produce better results. Your hospitalization expenses will be lesser.

This yoga helps in giving strength to planet Sun. You are attractive and charming personality. You have good financial strength with your own efforts. Family members will inspire you to gain in your life. You show patience in doing things an in general all activites in life. You have stable mind and forgive others easily. You will always do some things through which you will be in limelight.

Self efforts is important for more positive outcomes from this yoga. You are courageous and resourceful. You will treat everyone equally. You are blessed with excellent oratory skills. It can bestow good relations with father and father figure, even bestows with government favours. You will be charitable. You need to control on expenses else you will face issues and wont have any savings.

Any malefic aspects over the given house can change the benefits less effectively or diminish all the good or bad results. Yoga/dosha gives more results under the Mahadasha — MD and Antardasha — AD of the planets of houses involved in forming this yoga. The results will also depend upon planet involved in forming the yoga, its strength, etc. If malefic planets are involved in both side it can even lead to paapkartari yoga and may lead you to very tedious and painful life, emotional issues.

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VedicFuture — “Your Soul’s Doctor”. Vedic Astrologer Services in Scientific way. For Paid Services contact — vedicfuture.in@gmail.com