What is Vasumati or Vasuman yoga?

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Please Note: This is general prediction and results may vary based on aspects | conjunction | strength of planet, rashi placed etc.

Yogas are auspicious combinations of conjunctions, placements of planets formed by planets placement in different houses and signs.

Vasumati or vasuman yoga is one of wealth creating yoga, as vasumat means wealthy. Vasumati Yoga has more to do with money than with anything else. The upachya houses are the ones which gives materialistic gains, benefics in upachya houses bring these gains to you. It is considered to be one of the strongest Dhana yogas in astrology.

तिष्ठेयु: स्वगृहॆ सदा वसुमति द्रव्याण्यनल्पान्यपि ।

क्षमॆश: स्यादमलॆ धनि सुतयश: सपद्युतॊ नीतिमान् ।

This Yoga is formed when benefics occupy the upachyas houses (3,6,10,11) either from lagana or the Moon. As we know Upachaya houses are the houses of expansion. It indicates expansion, growth, improvement in materialistic pursuit. Any planets in Upachaya houses produce good results, more so with benefic planets. The power of this yoga can make you independent and rich. The benefic planets that cause the Vasumati yoga are Jupiter, Mercury, Waxing moon and Venus.

You will be courageous, will not shy away from responsibilities. If there is Daridra yoga in the horoscope, the presence of Vasumati yoga can destroy its ill-effects. You will have chances of short travels which will bring great benefits to you. Your enemies may not be able to harm you.

You will have lot of initiative to achieve something in life. This yoga generates possibilities of converting you into a billionaire. This yoga is very helpful for you. Your communications skills may be better. You will have better professional career.

You become successful as you age. You will win legal litigations. You will win properties in litigations.

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